A day in the life of…

Al Morley, Interim Marketing Manager

10am – 1pm 

The first thing do when I get to my desk, other than drink the obligatory vat of coffee bought from the lovely Craft Coffee House (proud to be supporting local independent businesses!) is fire up the computer and have a look at the previous day’s sales figures. It gives a fascinating insight into our audience’s booking patterns and what the hot tickets of the day are.

Though it seems an age away on a sunny June morning we’ve always got an eye on panto too and looking at how it compares against previous year’s (I can tell you for sure that this year is going to be bigger and better than ever before and tickets are already flying out of the door!).

Then it’s on with catching up with emails and checking in to see how our marketing campaigns are going.

1pm – 4pm 

The joy of working in a Theatre is that truly no two days are the same. One day I might be talking to visiting producers on the phone to discuss how we are going to promote their show successfully; on another I might be editing copy for the brand-new Theatre Royal Windsor website, or reviewing print proofs for shows in the upcoming season… the list is endless!

We promote our shows through many different channels to many different groups of people, from regular theatre attenders to day-trippers and it’s a lot of information to be juggling. I’m a massive fan of colour-coded to-do lists and wall charts to try and keep on top of everything!

4pm – 7pm

As the day progresses the focus often turns a little more contemplative. Once the urgent and important tasks have been ticked off the to-do list, it’s always good for us as an organisation to try and be more reflective and consider some of The Big Questions: Who are our audience? How can we grow and build a sustainable audience for the future? Are there groups who don’t come to the theatre, and why, and how can we reach out to them and engage?

There are no quick and easy answers to these but it’s always good to challenge our preconceptions and not rest on our laurels. This wonderful theatre is nothing without its audience and we want it to thrive for another 200 years!

7pm onwards…

It’s always strange to think that as the working day comes to an end up in the labyrnthine offices above the Theatre, downstairs the building is only just coming to life.

As we depart for the day our wonderful front of house team are just starting theirs, welcoming the audiences in to the building for yet another performance. I couldn’t imagine working in another industry!

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