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On-Stage Seating Guidelines

Will you be watching Hamlet from our On-Stage Seating? Please read the guidance below prior to your visit. Customers will also receive the below information, and any other information relevant to their booking date in our pre-show email.  We recommend you also read our COVID-19 measures – click the link below to view these.

COVID-19: Important Customer Information


  • Food & Drink

No food or drinks are permitted on the stage during the performance. All packaging from food or drink consumed pre-show or in the interval must be disposed of prior to the performance commencing. Please ask an usher should you require assistance. (Exceptions made for bottled water, and for medical reasons.)


  • Mobile Phones

All mobile phones, smart watches  and light-up accessories must be turned OFF. Silent or vibrate modes may still affect the performance.



  • Belongings

Coats and Bags will not be permitted on stage, please limit any personal belongings brought with you as these will need to be stored between your legs (there is no storage under your seat). Our Cloakroom is open for the storage of  small items and coats.



  • Stage Lights

If this is your stage debut, you may wish to note that it can get very hot under the stage lighting, and therefore you may wish to wear easily removable layers.



  • ‘To Wee, Or Not To Wee, That Is The Question.’

Should the need arise, please raise your hand and an usher will assist you off the stage at the earliest opportunity. Please wait for a member of the Front of House team to assist you back to your seat at an appropriate moment in the performance.